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5-Step Blueprint Total Empowerment Program

Embark on a journey to excel in every aspect of your life as a single parent professional with our comprehensive package, encompassing both the Online Masterclass and the Thrive Collective: Group Coaching & Community.

This meticulously crafted program is tailored specifically for single parent professionals who aspire to achieve excellence - not just balance - in parenting, self-care, and their careers. Secure your path to thriving in all facets of your life with group coaching and a community and resources dedicated to supporting your unique journey.


  • Lifetime Masterclass Access: Gain lifetime access to our Masterclass, diving deep into the revolutionary Octonion Wellness™ and LifeLadder Wellness Strategy™ (LLWS) system. This online course transcends traditional approaches, offering an interactive, strategic exploration through engaging modules, practical tools, and extensive digital resources. It's an indispensable foundation for personal and professional growth, packed with deep insights and actionable strategies for navigating the complexities of single parent professional life. The Thrive Collective enhances this foundation with additional layers of support, accelerating your path towards a holistic balance and excellence.

  • Weekly Expert Group Coaching and Q&A: While the Masterclass equips you with fundamental strategies for success, our Thrive Collective's weekly 60-minute expert group coaching sessions offer an incremental opportunity for personalized guidance, fostering accountability, and facilitating a deeper sense of community learning.

  • Dynamic Community Access: Immerse yourself in a supportive network of peers within our exclusive Thrive Collective. This vibrant community is a place to share experiences, seek advice, and forge lasting relationships, all within a nurturing environment.

  • Exclusive Content: Unlock a treasure trove of additional resources, including advanced strategies, tools, and best practices not available elsewhere.

  • Flexible Self-Paced Learning + Comprehensive Digital Toolkit: The Masterclass is meticulously designed for flexible, self-paced learning, enabling you to independently navigate through transformative content with our comprehensive suite of digital tools and resources. Joining the Thrive Collective further amplifies this experience by offering structured coaching and vibrant community support. This not only aids in applying these insights more effectively but also encourages the sharing of learning and best practices among peers.


  • 24-Hour Money-Back Guarantee: We're confident in the transformative potential of this bundle. If you find it's not the right fit within the first 24 hours, we offer a full refund, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • Commitment to Your Success: If, after three months of engagement, tangible results are elusive, we're prepared to offer additional support. This includes a complimentary, in-depth workshop to identify and overcome obstacles, followed by a month of personal guidance—at no extra cost. It’s our pledge to you, underscoring our dedication to not just participation, but to achieving real, measurable success.


While the Online Masterclass offers a comprehensive path to thriving as a single parent professional on its own, by enrolling in the Thrive Collective, you unlock additional pathways to growth through expert group coaching, a supportive community, and exclusive resources, enhancing your journey towards excellence in parenting, self-care, and career.

Embrace this unique blend of learning, support, and community. Let the 5-Step Blueprint Total Empowerment Program be the catalyst for your transformation. Complete your purchase now and embark on the journey to mastering the art of thriving!

Please note: Access to group coaching sessions and the community platform activates immediately upon purchase, available for 90 days, ensuring a seamless start to your journey. Details for accessing exclusive content will be emailed, so check your inbox (and spam folder) to not miss these enriching opportunities.