Harald Winkmann: Empowering High-Achieving Single Parent Executives and Professionals

I empower single parent executives and professionals to excel in balancing career success with parenting and self-care, achieving unparalleled well-being.

A person walking a tightrope with a weight on his head and a rock placed as an obstacle on the tighrope as a metaphor for single parents life's tightropw, overcoming adversity, and balancing many things at once.
Navigating Tech Leadership and Single Parenthood

In the dynamic exchange of life's challenges and victories, my path has taken me from the heights of tech executive leadership to the grounded realities of single fatherhood. Educated at Princeton and Stanford, my two-decade career at Microsoft was a journey of discovery, innovation, and leadership, particularly in pioneering artificial intelligence from concept to reality. Beyond Microsoft, my roles as an investor in startups and advisor to founders have deepened my insights into the essence of success.

Now, my mission has shifted towards a more personal investment: supporting you, the single parent professionals. You're navigating the delicate balance between professional ambition, personal well-being, and the demands of parenthood. I understand the complexities of this balancing act and am here to offer guidance, strategies, and support to help you thrive amidst the challenges.

A curveball being thrown as a metaphor for life's curveballs.
Transforming Adversity into Growth

My life's contrasts, from executive success to navigating personal trials, including a tumultuous marriage and the joy and challenges of raising two boys, have deepened my understanding of resilience. These experiences didn't just challenge me; they enriched my approach to life and coaching.

A Coach Who's Walked the Path

The burdens you face as a single parent professional are immense, but they're not yours to shoulder in solitude. I've discovered profound strength in vulnerability, significant power in seeking support, and immense renewal in embracing self-care. Meditation, among other practices, has become a cornerstone of my resilience.

As your coach, my aim is to guide you beyond just coping or surviving. Together, we'll cultivate a life filled with moments of genuine thriving. It's about transforming the everyday into the extraordinary, ensuring that each step forward enriches your journey towards fulfillment.

Empathy Meets Accountability

Balancing genuine empathy with solid accountability forms the core of my coaching. I’m here to listen, truly understand your challenges, and empower you to navigate your path towards an extraordinary life. More than just a guide, I'm your ally, sharing practical tools and strategies that have been critical in my own journey and further validated in my coaching practice. Our journey is built on mutual respect, honesty, and transparent communication, prioritizing your growth and well-being.

Your Guide to Thriving

Facing challenges head-on can transform them into the foundations of your success. We will embrace the complexities of your unique journey, focusing on empowerment and resilience. Whether it's strategizing in the boardroom, managing bedtime routines, or finding time for self-care, you possess the strength to redefine your life. My role is to unlock that strength, guiding you towards a life where professional success, parental joy, and personal well-being are in perfect sync.

Data-Driven Approach for Personalized Growth

Leveraging my background as a tech executive and AI innovator, I employ a data-driven approach in my coaching. This methodology ensures you benefit from personalized strategies and the latest in wellness technology, offering a unique, effective path to growth.

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